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    PRICERRP: $199.99

    1) The sizes shown above refer to the shell size of the drum, the internal dimensions of all cases take into account all hardware
    2) All bass drum cases are fitted with Pro-Grip side handles
    3) This product only comes in one colour
    4) This product is not heavy
    5) This product does NOT keep beer cans cool in summer
    6) You cannot sleep in this you must sleep in the tour bus
    Brand Desc.: Protection Racket
    Prod Desc: 24in x 14in Bass Drum Case
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Welcome to Galactic Music

Galactic Music is a super efficient fulfillment contractor for the Oceanic music products market. Galactic Music offers an innovative distribution model that offers maximum flexibility and efficiency to meet the needs of today’s music retail market. Galactic has a company owned service center in Melbourne offering arguably the best service of any company in our market. Our service staff actively supports our customers by offering great quality and efficient service. With decades of experience and knowledge of our products our technicians have the understanding and know how that your average service center cannot buy.